Lala's DS-- passing a peanut challenge and REDEVELOPING the allergy

Started by AdminCM, September 05, 2011, 09:41:54 AM

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Pray for ds- peanut challenge tomorrow: I can't believe this day is finally here

lala's DS peanut challenge, and the subsequent redevelopment (?) of the peanut allergy.

This is a thread that parents SHOULD read when undertaking a food challenge of any kind.


I think about this a lot.  And with the reaction symptoms that kids doing baked milk and baked egg routinely get--that are acceptable--it makes me wonder about this.
DS: 🥜, 🍤


Me, too. 

It *really* freaks me out in some ways, in fact...

and it's the top reason why we've proceeded SO cautiously in ramping up the dose with milk and egg both.
Resistance isn't futile.  It's voltage divided by current. 

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This is a big reason I have not put dd in a peanut desensitization study.  I think it is great that some on this board have had such good results, but I don`t think there are any long term studies, so there is no way to know if they are going to be allergic in the future.  Dd is doing great on baked milk, really great.  She has no symptoms now when eating pizza.  However, the difference is that in baking the milk, the protein is broken down.  As some of you know, dd "passed" a milk challenge two years ago by drinking a few tablespoons of milk and then four days later had a reaction at home.  The peanut desensitization isn`t baked.  I wonder what would happen if they tried studies with baked peanut such as pb cookies.  They should do a study on that.


It doesn't change the recognition site enough, apparently, Carefulmom.

It's not that it isn't a good idea-- it's just that some proteins types are heat-labile, and some are not.

Egg and milk proteins are in the former category, and seed storage proteins of ALL types very definitely are not-- if anything, heating tends to increase allergenicity (perhaps by removing/altering masking portions of the protein and allowing for even better recognition by IgE).

Resistance isn't futile.  It's voltage divided by current. 

Western U.S.



I was formerly known as "lala" on the previous site.  I had problems transfering my account over, so here I am if anyone has any questions.

It's funny- I didn't even read this over again because I didn't want to re-live it.  It was such a horrible experience for our family.


justme - please PM me if you'd like to have your post count on your new profile match that of your old ID.  Also, I can change the name to lala if you'd like.

Good to see you! :)
DS - peanut, tree nut, milk, eggs, corn, soy, several meds, many environmentals. Finally back on Xolair!
DD - mystery anaphylaxis, shellfish.
DH - banana/avocado, aspirin.  Asthma.
Me - peanut, tree nut, shellfish, banana/avocado/latex,  some meds.


Wow--I think about y'all a lot.  Seeing what are pretty common symptoms with OIT and then with baked egg dosings, I wonder about your kiddo's symptoms--and what things would have been like with low, regular doses.  Not that I am recommending any second thoughts. 
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Well, the interesting thing is that he had successfully outgrown dairy, gluten and egg prior and exhibited many of the same symptoms in his peanut challenge that he did in the other challenges. So it was not as crazy as some thought at the time. I did end up going back and reading the thread and had a chuckle that the person who totally slammed me as a mother took all her comments down. I am glad to see that she did, because we have enough hate from the non-allergic world that we do NOT need it from our own community.


My DD "redeveloped" her egg allergy after passing an office challenge.  It stinks and the worse part is DD and I knew it long before we could convince the doctor.  It was almost a year ago when I argued to have her retested and the surprise to the nurses and doctors of her results. 


my son passed his cooked egg food challenge at 7, and his raw egg one at 10. flash to 12 yrs epi pen from mystery cause.
confirmed egg allergic, totally age 14.

has however grown out of tree nuts, but not food challenged.

has grown out of some bean /legume allergies, again not food challenged.

suspect some seed allergies, blood and skin test neg, now slowly going through all 6 suspects with food challenge.

each food takes a whole day to challenge, and is stressful.
having lived through re development am pretty scared about any more coming back....

Its OK to have dreams:one day my kids will be legal adults & have the skills to pick up a bath towel.


I'm not sure how many here remember gvmom from the old days - but her son passed an egg challenge  and later had a reaction.


We should also keep in mind that many people do outgrow food allergies & they never come back.  My son has outgrown 3 food  & 1 drug allergy and none of them have ever come back and I pray that they never do. 

Has the recurrence of redevelopment of allergies ever been studied.  I wonder how common it actually is and if it happens more in some allergies. 

DS - Dairy, Egg, PN, TN, Drug allergies

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