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We're very glad you found us! This page contains answers to some of the common questions new members have when they join us. By all means, feel free to post your questions as well in any forum.
Some areas also contain a resource page so be sure to check those out if you don't find the answer to a specific question here.

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Help With The Board Functionality (Technical Assistance Thread)
The place to find answers to questions like How do I get a picture next to my name? or to ask a question if you can't figure something out
Understanding How This Community Works
Learn more about our mission, operating rules and other common posting questions
Introduce Yourself Thread
We love the opportunity to welcome our new members. Please post a little about yourself, the allergies you're dealing with, how you found us, what you hope to learn on this board or anything you'd like to share.
Food Allergies: Basics To Know Page 1
Food Allergies: Basics To Know Page 2
We asked our members "what's the one thing you'd want to tell someone who's been recently diagnosed with food allergies? This thread contains the answers.
Allergy Abbreviations and Acronyms
Wondering what RAST or IgE mean? This is the place to learn about or review terms commonly used to describe food allergies. Also included are common food allergy board acronyms (NKA, PA, etc.)

Anaphylaxis Grading Charts
How do you know when to give an Epi-Pen? Our members have found two versions of anaphylaxis grading charts to be particularly helpful:

American Academy of Pediatrics chart see Table 2 (for medical professionals)

Same chart "translated" into more understandable terms

Top 10 Mistakes When Using an Epi-Pen
Common things that can go wrong that people use a self-injector. Hey, if it was all simple, we wouldn't need this site, right?