Our Son Passed Away

Started by AdminCM, September 19, 2011, 12:48:30 AM

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Great to see you, Mumaluke!!!  :bye:
Often thinking of your family  :heart:.


DS - peanut, tree nut, milk, eggs, corn, soy, several meds, many environmentals. Finally back on Xolair!
DD - mystery anaphylaxis, shellfish.
DH - banana/avocado, aspirin.  Asthma.
Me - peanut, tree nut, shellfish, banana/avocado/latex,  some meds.


 :bye: Nice to see you!  I hope good things have been keeping you busy.  :heart:


Hi Everyone!

Stopping by to say hello  :bye:. Its been a while.... Sorry. We have been super busy, trying to sell our house, trying to move back home, I have  changed jobs, traveling a ton (not my choice)! Life has been crazy  :insane:

Hope everyone is doing well.  :happydance:

Its back to school time, hope everyone is putting a Flu shot on their shopping list!!

Take Care


Good to see you!!  Flu shots all around at our house. 
DD, 25 - MA/EA/PA/env./eczema/asthma
DS, 22 - MA/EA/PA/env.
DH - adult-onset asthma
me - env. allergies, exhaustion, & mental collapse ...


Haven't done it yet, but we go around DS's birthday (Oct. 2).  Easy to remember that way.


Nice to see you. 

We do October flu shots here - for everyone in the house but me - daily prednisone means that I'm not allowed.  But everyone else gets them.


Glad you checked in with us. I havebeen thinking of you and the familly.
Ds - Peanut and Tree nut and a  host of enviro



Hi Joe, nice to see you again.

We get the shots as soon as they are available to general public.


Hi!  Good luck with the new job and selling the house.  I hope the travel lessens.

Whenever the doctor's office schedules flu shots, I think of you and your family.  :heart:


 :bye:  on my radar for mid fall.  Good luck with your changes!


Thank you for stopping by -- hope move goes as smoothly as possible!

Best Wishes to you and at the top of our family's to-do list for this coming week is GET FLU SHOT.  Needed that reminder!

Is this where I blame iPhone and cuss like an old fighter pilot's wife?

**(&%@@&%$^%$#^%$#$*&      LOL!!   


I think of your family each fall, and I tell your story to anyone I know who will listen-- and tell them to GET THAT FLU SHOT.

:heart:  Thank you so much, Joe. 
Resistance isn't futile.  It's voltage divided by current. 

Western U.S.


Thank you for the reminder.  I appreciate it! We moved last week and are still trying to sell our house, so I can relate to what you're dealing with on that end.  And there's so much going on that this reminder is very much needed.  :heart:
DS: 🥜, 🍤

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