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Author Topic: hello, newbie here to the site and newbie to food allergies i had no clue i had  (Read 1971 times)


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Hello!  :bye:
I recently started having weird gastro issues which prompted my doc to have some allergy tests done. I had skin allergy prick test done. These were my results (obviously only typed out the ones with reactions)
 They never explained to me how severe any of them are. Ive just been avoiding most of these like the plague bc im terrified how severe of a reaction i can have. Mind you, I had NO clue about any of these except lemon. I noticed that anytime i'd add lemon to my water or fish etc. it would make my heart race and face feel flush. Otherwise, I had no clue about the other ones. Are these bad reactions? Should I avoid these foods and have it redone soon? I'm not sure if im asking in the correct spot on the forum, so im sorry if i am out of line! i will catch on! any responses are greatly appreciated.  :thumbsup:

cockroach - percutaneous 4mm    intradermanl 5mm
mite d farinae - percutaneous 4mm    intradermanl 5mm
mite d pteronyssinus - percutaneous 4mm    intradermanl 5mm
white pine - percutaneous 3mm    intradermanl 0 mm

FOODS (percutaneous only?)
chocolate/cocoa bean - 3mm
vanilla - 3mm
strawberry - 3mm
banana - 3mm
soybean - 3mm
almond - 3mm
pecan - 4mm
black pepper - 3mm
onion - 3mm
garlic - 3mm
mustard seed - 3mm
lemon - 4mm
rice - 3mm