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sesame seeds labeling: US specific (laws, loopholes)

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I know we FASers can be a little feisty and critical, but largely, it is because we care deeply about the FA community ... we want good education, good labeling, good medical care, safe schools, etc.

We want the FDA & FA orgs to act on issues like sesame labeling.


Food Allergy Awareness Week

May 11 - May 17

My wish for this week is that one of the major allergy organizations makes a commitment to try and get sesame added to the USA list of "major food allergens".

Food Allergy Awareness Week 2014


--- Quote ---Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) issued a notice to add “cashew nut” and “sesame” to the ingredient list for a recommended allergy labeling.
--- End quote ---


As far as I know, FDA never improved its educational material for sesame or for "non top 8" allergies in general.

--- Quote ---What do I need to know about food allergies?

FDA has already partially answered this question in its educational material titled “Food Allergies: What You Need to Know” available at .

However, the “About Other Allergens” section, where FDA advises consumers to “read the food label’s ingredient list carefully to avoid the food allergens in question” is both disingenuous and dangerously misleading.

FDA is well aware that consumers with allergies not covered under the FALCPA do “not receive sufficient information from food labels to protect their safety”.  (Reference: Laura E. Derr, When Food is Poison: the History, Consequences, and Limitations of the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004, 61 FOOD & DRUG L.J. 65, 109 (2006).)
--- End quote ---

FDA says it cares about those of us with less common illnesses - for example:

The simple step of improving educational materials could save lives so why hasn't it been done?


Look what this woman with corn allergy goes through to try and avoid her allergen.

--- Quote ---The FDA, at this time, does not regulate corn to the extent that it does, say, peanuts, so we corn allergy sufferers are truly on our own.
--- End quote ---

You think that advice to just read the label helped much?  At least give them/us a fighting chance with a little better education, if not better allergen regulation.  Let's minimize the amount of "learning" that consumers/patients are doing the hard way by having reactions.


Fair warning.

We've patiently waited and watched for years, hoping that a major allergy organization would act on this issue (to get sesame labeled in the USA).  They have the resources - $, expert allergists, lawyers, connections, regulatory experience - to do this the right way.  We didn't want to make things worse for the allergy community by pushing ahead without their support.

However, at this point, we FASers are seriously considering submitting a petition ourselves.  As a group, we have many talents (some of us are good at writing, some have a scientific/medical background, we understand the law pretty well thanks to FDLI (A special  :heart: to James Kelly - I will never forget his kindness), some are extremely persistent  :P, some can get feedback for refinements before submitting, etc.).  We have also reached out to people outside our group who have the (respected/likeability/social media/good image) qualities that we sometimes fall short on - some are already on board if we should move forward.

Soooooo .... this is the time to communicate with us if there is a good reason why we should hold off on doing this.  We are really hoping that one of you allergy orgs will save us a lot of work.

We are willing to work together with any of the main allergy orgs on this.


--- Quote from: LinksEtc on April 02, 2014, 10:03:36 PM ---

Well, yeah ...

--- Quote ---1) The 2005 Policy Advisor to CFSAN’s Director of the Office of Regulations and Policy stated that “We’ve got enough to deal with right now with the eight major allergens.” (Reference: Laura E. Derr, When Food is Poison: the History, Consequences, and Limitations of the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004, 61 FOOD & DRUG L.J. 65, 141 (2006).)
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

And we don't have  enough to deal with?  Sheesh. Clearly these people are not living with sesame allergy.


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