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Fruit Loops

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The unnatural red dye can be a problem too.  My DD was sensitive to it as a young child.  However, it caused behavioral issues not hives.

It was Kellogg's Fruit Loops. It was a mini box of cereal. We bought a Kellogg's variety pack so she could try different types of cereal without having to eat the stuff she didn't like. We still have another mini box put up so I can compare the dyes to the other stuff she has had.

I experienced similar reaction to fruitloops, except I get full body hives. My first experience was as a child in elementary school. We believed it was the food coloring I was having a reaction to, so I avoided most foods with added dyes for a few years. Then slowly started eating them again here and there but mainly avoiding fruit loops. I decided to try them again when I was in high school since I have eaten plenty of other foods with high food coloring and never had a reaction. Well that was a huge mistake, broke out in full body hives took over a week to get them to go down. I felt like a lizard. I've never touched fruit loops since. Now I dont think it was the dye. But I dont know what it could be. Something specific with fruit loops?


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