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I plan to sticky this and build this list up over the next few days.

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Great idea!

Thank you for pulling this all together.

Some reviews from our Disney Cruise and Walt Disney World trip in November 2014 can be found at the Allergy Free Mouse website.

Other than the food on Castaway Cay being plain, the rest of it was quite good, especially Palo!

Nothing can top our experience with Chef TJ, but every meal here was good.  Dinner at the top of California Grill during the fireworks was very magical, and the food was pretty amazing too.  The only concern we had on this trip was with a frozen dessert that I hadn't heard of before and didn't want to eat because the label had a cautionary label I had never seen before.  I wasn't up to trying any new foods this trip, as eating out every meal was challenging enough due to my PTSD.  My husband was more than happy to eat it, and the chef went off to make me something else (which was far better than the first dessert, I have to say.)

We're headed to Walt Disney World again in October.  We booked the trip through Pixie Lizzie: Disney allergy travel agent, booked a bowling party (sponsored by Premium Chocolatiers) through the Food Allergy and Celiac Conference, and already arranged a few meals and some surfing lessons.  Cannot wait.  Let me know if anyone has any questions or items for me to investigate whilst there.

But the big news for this post is here:
Disney and Mylan have partnered up, having EpiPens available at all their parks, their cruise ships, and even on Castaway Cay (Disney's private island in the Bahamas).  They also developed this site, which has many resources for general anaphylaxis information, recipes, tips, etc. but also Disney-related food allergy information. 

We are going in April (milk, egg, peanut, tree nut, and mustard for my guys and celiac for my SIL).  We are super excited.  We also used Pixie Lizzie- she seems lovely.  The biggest challenge for us will be the bread for my two carb-aholics, as well as the ever present "spices" with mustard.

Have a great trip! 


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