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Anyone experience back pain from Allergic reaction?

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I hate to be the bearer of this news, but there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat (or dog for that matter).  If a cat has skin, it has dander, and dander is the most common cat allergen.  Saliva is another common cat allergen, and all cats have that too. 

If you are allergic to the cat you can either take daily antihistamines (such as Reactine, Aerius, etc.) and see if you can tolerate it or find another home for the cat.  Reputable animal shelters and breeders will take their animals back.

You may want to see an allergist to confirm a cat allergy (via testing) and set up a treatment protocol.

Otherwise, back pain itself is not a symptom of allergic reaction.

mel odell:

I found an article saying that food allergies can trigger kidney pain due to glomerulonephritis.

I cannot post the article, but go to REMOVED and there is an article about it.

This is a spam message masquerading as a legit message.  If anyone is interested in glomerulonephritis, here is an article about it from a reliable source.  It can be related to autoimmune diseases, but no mention of food allergies.


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