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Teen Traveling with School: Hotel Concerns and Meals Away

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Mac-do you have a Trader Joe’s?  We’ve been buying the Enjoy Life Protein Bites...they are in the energy bar section.

That’s a great idea. I couldn’t make it by TJ’s, but I did this:

Trip there:
Ate before leaving to airport

Prepared six naked refried black bean burritos (flairs size actually) and placed in a zip lock bag. I put that in a gallon zip lock and a soft little cooler pack inside that. We will see if that gets through TSA and works in general. I told him if they take the cold pack to buy bottled water afterward and put it against that.

Trip home:
Sent a zip lock with plastic knife, paper towels, another bag along with tortillas, individual Barney Butter cups, and a small jar of Nutella. He really doesn’t like sun butter and he knows that if an announcement is made not to eat treenuts that he will need to rely on other things.

In general:
Good Bean dried chick peas for the trip there and back (filling protein)
Kashi Chia and Chocolate Chip granola bars (thanks, Nameless, for that tip many years ago!)
Made Good granola balls

And he has plenty of tortillas and Nutella/Barney Butter in case he needs food there.

He will be on four planes and only one an actual Delta plane. KLM doesn’t serve peanuts (they do serve almonds).  He has a plastic bag for his backpack to go in on that flight. He’s checking one bag, and his food bag is a $5 IKEA bag that we can throw away—it’s lasted longer than planned anyway.  He’ll wear an old pair of Tom’s shoes on the flight home that can be thrown away or washed. 

He’s at the airport waiting to board!

Happy Safe Travels!


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