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Anyone experience back pain from Allergic reaction?

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Just prior to my recent new anaphylactic reaction to almonds, I had been having flank pain and a very uneasy feeling in my left abdomen for a long time. I was positive it was kidney stones, actually, and missed a big event to go to the doctor and get it checked out. It takes a lot to get me to go to the doctor - it was pretty bad pain. I also had uterine cramping and lower back pain (like back labor if you have ever heard of that or experienced it) All of a sudden, it all just disappeared and I assumed I'd passed a stone but not I think I was wrong. Thinking back, it was at exactly the moment we ran out of almond products and I stopped eating them for a week and a half, too lazy to go to the supermarket. When I finally went to the store to stock up, I had some almond milk and ended up in the ER. I have no idea if any of it's related but it certainly seemed so. My other food allergies came the same way, with some months of gastro distress followed by an anaphylactic reaction. This time the gastro stuff was higher up and I also felt it in my back which is why I thought it was kidney stones.

Pain can refer in weird ways--you might ask your GI doc if they've ever heard of esophageal or GI pain referring to back or shoulders. It doesn't seem like that big a reach, but that's just a mostly-uneducated guess.

Jschwab thank you for sharing your story, im thinking my back pain is allergy related as well. Its amazing to me how wide spread allergy reactions can spread. Im still trying to eliminate my trouble foods from my diet, unfortunately eliminating soy is very difficult. Thanks for the info

I have often had pain in my kidney area from food reactions.  My food allergies may be different from the classical IgE-mediated kind that show up on skin or blood tests (see my post on desensitization for delayed food allergies).
In 2005 when I was going through a lot of food reactions, my back hurt so much that I couldn't sit up for more than a few seconds.  I spent weeks, mostly in bed.
I've also had lower back pain from food reactions. 
My guess about the kidney area pain is that the food reactions involve immune complexes etc. that irritate the kidneys. 

Just throwing this out there......  I also have a soy allergy along with peanut and sesame.   But I also get kidney stones....  I cannot tell you how many times they have done an US and even a cat scan that showed nothing.....  then few days later repeat and stone too big to pass.......  I have had to have one stone removed and another procedure where they blast the kidney.  I don't know if there is a connection between kidney and allergy.  I know I had surgery for stones before the allergy. 

Just throwing it out there...  Could be two separate things.  And even though they didn't see anything, doesn't mean much unfortunately.  I guess if you have had multiple scans in a row and they see nothing that might be something different...  zHope that helps some. 


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