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Thanks space!  I would call special diets?  They had it at Port Orleans FQ last year.  We ate breakfast there a lot.  Debating between 4 nights at Contempirary after Labor Day or 5/6 nights at Art of Animation.

Art of Animation won't have the Namaste mix, guaranteed.  Contemporary usually does, as does Port Orleans.  (But it changes so often I couldn't guarantee either.)

Someone on FB told me Contemporary didn't have it recently.  Such a bummer.  The waffles were always a big treat for the kids.  DS could eat the Golden Malted but not DD.  As long as I prepare them ahead of time, they will handle it.  Still not sure if we will even go but I am dreaming about it.  Its a real vacation for me bc I don't have to cook or pre cook for the entire trip.

CAUTION: Walt Disney World has introduced mobile ordering for special diets and allergy menus and it's a HUGE red flag for me.  HUGE.  These menus do not take cross contact, traces, or multiple allergens into consideration.  For everyone here, please DO NOT use mobile ordering - or order from the regular 'allergy' menus if you have a (severe) food allergy!!  Always speak with a chef.  ALWAYS!

There, my PSA is over for the day.  Oh my goodness, this is frightening.  I know most of you here know better, but I feel the need to share the finer details, because they aren't so obvious. 

A few years back, I spoke with one of the Disneyland chefs who helped develop the food allergy menus in the first place and he was terrified that someone with a severe allergy would casually order from the allergy menu, not mention their allergy, and their meal end up with traces, or a mix up that caused a reaction.  Even he didn't agree that the allergy menus should be handled by patrons without a chef consultation.  They are guidelines, not guarantees. 

I posted some photos of the app, and Disney's allergy notice (which says to speak with a chef), on my work FB page, for those that follow it.

Phooey, I went to book some tours for our upcoming trip and was told they are not recommended for people with peanut allergies.   :pout:  They only list hay, dust, and stinging insects on their website as potential allergens, but two people over the phone have mentioned peanuts.

No 'Caring for Elephants' or 'Up Close with Rhinos' tours for us.

We normally pick one or two additional tours/activities when we visit Disney.  This time it will be runDisney, but I was hoping to add these as well.  Time to think of something else. 


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