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Looks like that is the updated list  :-/


--- Quote ---It’s back! Our Comparing Airlines Chart that details the allergy policies of 12 major airlines is now updated with 2014 information.
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Most airlines have "updated" policy to actively prohibit cabin announcements by flight crews.  {sigh} 

"Food Allergies and Travel in Recent News"


--- Quote ---I get the liability jargon people bandy about, I’m a lawyer.  In the same way “free speech” is misunderstood, we have to get some things straight about liability and discrimination and what it means when common carriers (entities that transport people) discriminate.
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National Peanut Board creates allergy awareness website

--- Quote from: LinksEtc on August 23, 2014, 09:20:12 AM ---"Anaphylaxis in the Air: Two Recent Airline Incidents"

Dr. Matthew Greenhawt:

--- Quote ---There is no evidence that has been able to show that such dust circulates. Five studies in the past 10 years have addressed this concept

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Apart from reactions where one eats a contaminated food, airline reactions most likely occur from allergen that may accumulate on surfaces. This we know happens in many different environments. On the plane, without being aware, one could potentially touch a surface that hadn’t been wiped down first, and theoretically ingest some level of allergen.
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"United Airlines Quietly Changes Its Peanut Policy"

--- Quote ---United Airlines has amended its allergy policy to allow “buffer zones” to be created for peanut-allergic passengers.
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--- Quote ---Pressure has been mounting recently for the rights of food-allergic passengers in the sky.
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Tweeted by @AllergyEducator

"Allergy girl had to leave BA plane after cabin crew didn't make 'don't eat nuts' announcement"

--- Quote ---He eventually decided to disembark the flight rather than risk his daughter's health, after staff were "rude" and "it felt like [he] was being bullied and ganged up on."

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